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Energy Balancing with Crystals

$85 for 1 session

The human body has energy flowing through and around it called an "aura". When energy flows properly we experience balance and a sense of well being. At times though, we have experiences and emotions that collect in our aura and can cause blocks. These blocks are denser, of lower vibration and can slow our spiritual growth. Causing emotional upset depression or even sinks in and cause disease or illness.

Crystals with their extremely high vibration help to unblock and clear our bodies. Using several large crystals of varying types on a copper Axiatonal Grid, which acts as an energy conductor, collects the crystal energy sending it through the cooper wiring to the crystal filled copper handles. When you hold the handles you then become part of that high vibration energy circuit. This then raises your vibration and makes it easier to rid yourself of these blocks. The use of a Vogel style crystal tool and other crystals placed on top of you, help to break up the blocks and rebalance your energy centers.

You may experience many things while on the table from a wonderful relaxing feeling to major clearing of emotional and physical blocks. The form your session will take depends on your willingness to open to this unique experience. 

Creating Abundance Inside and Out

This class is to educate individuals on the signs to change their lives to live in ultimate joy and health.   There are clues everywhere that our body is not working as efficiently as it should.  The first clue is our colon, or digestive system.   The average American has one bowel movement every other day.  We should have a bowel movement after each meal.   Second clue is our diet.   The average American diet is made up of fast food.  It should be made up of fruits, veggies, and lean meat.   We need to eat live foods instead of processed foods.  Third clue are signs on our faces, eyes, fingernails, and body pain.  These could be emotional or physical signs that our bodies need balanced.   In this class you will get information to become whole and healthy.  We must balance the body, mind, and spirit inside out to reach our life goals and create abundance.

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